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ambericawest mexican chiapas amber

1. 18.1 grams of light green amber in an irregular shape.
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chiapas amber2. Fascinating piece of amber. This piece tells a great story. Inside the piece there are a bunch of insects, but that is notthe story. There is atuft of mammalian hair. So rare, but true. At some time 20 million years ago, amammal brushed up against the sticky resin and tore out asmall section of hair. You can see everything when you look. Tons of hair, all on one side of the amber. Just so cool to imagine a mammal 20 million year ago. This is the first time I have seen hair in Chiapas amber. I am sure it is not impossible, but certainly this is so rare as to warrant a special place in anyone's collection. At the end of the hair is where the follicles start. This has them. That means maybe there is still ancient DNA at the roots of the hair? A sharp thought. 
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3. Lchiapas amberarge piece of amber.Strange colors to it -1/2 is amber yellow and the otherhalf is green. The green comes in a swirl pattern - very shape and attractive. 30.6 grams in weight. 
chiapas amber4. With this piece, you have to ask, what is not in it? Seems like this has a zoo inside. Rather a medium sized piece with so much, well here it goes. There is a mature planthopper that had it's wings spread. I think this is in the family Cixiidae. You can even see some of the wing pattern that remains after 25 million years. Not too far away are a fewmammalian hairs (this is rare). There is a nice beetle with large wings, a seed beetle, Coleoptera, Bruchidae, awinged termite with it's wings spreadthis even has a bee. Not too far away is an earwig,Dermaptera. Also the husk of a spider and a bark lice, Psocodea:Psocomorphia. I know there is more, but I give upQuite a bit in this package.
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5. Good sized piece of yellow green Chiapas amber. Good shape and weighs 13.1 grams
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6. Lamberarge piece of amber. Seems to have a greenish tintto it. Quite large,quite beautiful. This weighs 232 grams (almost 1/2 pound) of pure Chiapas amber.
amber7. Good sized piece of yellow greenChiapas amber.Good shape and weighs 272 grams - that is a big piece of amber
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8. This is a large piece of amber. It weighs about 64 grams and is about 2 X 2 X 1 inch. Inside is a treasure of botanical specimens. You can find many stamensleaves with visible surface structures and much more. If you likebotanical specimens, this one is irresistible. A large piece that you can put on your desk as a sample of Chiapas amber with plant parts. A greatdiscussion starterchiapas amber
amber9. Another large chunk that weighs 56 grams and is about 2 X 2 X 1 inch in size (just a hair bit smaller that the piece above). There issome debris that catches your eye as you look through the chunk, also a nice size bee. The really cool thing about this is the planthopper, Homoptera, Fulgoridea, that has its wings spread as though it is flying through the amber. It is beautiful. The miner who sold it to me thought it was a butterfly (I never said anything to him), but no this really is a full winged planthopper
10. A nice chunk of Chiapas amber with an unusual inclusion. Inside this amber is a large coprolite. The coprolite appears to have small rocks (not sure they are rocks) inter spaced throughout the piece. Just the size of the coprolite is larger (which in itself is rather rare. Cool piece with a lot of personalityamber
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chiapas amber11.Beautiful 9.5 gram pieceof Chiapas amber with achampaign color. Perfect for a collection or making into apendant. It really does have a wonderful color to it. Priced to sell.
12. Impressive. One does not find, commonly, pyrite associated with amber. The weight is 29.9 grams (pyrite is heavy). In particular, this piece is fantastic. Heavy with pyrite and a great piece of Chiapas amber on one side, this is a rare piece. I doubt you will find this type of specimen for sale anywhere. One of a kind and perfect for a collection. chiapas amber
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13. The whip scorpion is one of the rarest of all finds. Tail-less whip scorpions or amblypigids are very efficient predators. They remain hidden under leaves, bark and other debris for most of the day. They come out at night to feed. Their chelicerae are modified into strong, spine-armoredgrasping organs that the hapless arthropods would find nearly inescapable. Their front pair of legs, in contrast, are long and slender, obviously modified for sensory functions. Lacking any type of tail appendage, these formidable creatures are not frequently encountered. The females carry their eggs in a sac attached to the undersurface of the abdomen by a few silken threads.chiapas amber
This particular specimen has a fracture running through the animal. This is a natural fracture and not glued or put back together by a human. In fact it is this fracture that makes it an affordable item. Otherwise see number 21 on this page. This is a very rare specimen. The price is phenomenal.
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chiapas amber14. A lovely piece ofChiapas amber with a nicejumping spider in one corner. This is a good piece and the price is good also.
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15. Interesting piece. This is large, about 4 x 2 inches and thin, maybe 1/4 inch. The piece is dark and shows better with a light through it. Inside are anumber of leaves showing very good detail and also a number of scattered stamens. Fun to look at. chiapas amber
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16. amberThis piece has a lot ofmammalian hair inside it. When I look closely, I see very unusual things. While I have no doubt this ismammalian hair, the hair itself is rather unusual. Some pieces are thicker than others and some have pigment like 'dashes'. I didnot know that pigment in hair can contract resulting in an unusual pattern. There aresome bugs, in particular avery large fly and even a smaller one next to the giant. There is a potential that this piece has a great amount of scientific value.
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chiapas amber17. What color in this piece. It is 12.4 grams and it hasmagnificent color to it. You will enjoy these images. The size is about 1.5 x 1.5 x .5 inches and rather triangular.
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