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Yaxhá Lagoon,Guatemala,Dutch Queen Beatrix's Chocolatier and the Crocs Thor Janson

Yaxhá Lagoon and the Crocs Thor Janson | May 30, 2012

From Cobán to Flores it takes about six hours through some spectacularly beautiful terrain dominated by the weird limestone-karst hills and ranges. From Flores we headed due east toward Belize and several hours later came to the turnoff for Yaxhá National Park.
From the turnoff it’s another half hour to the lagoon, at the sight of which only one thought was in my mind: Remove my sweaty clothes and jump in!
Here in the sweltering jungle heat, a fantastic crystal-clear lagoon, and you can’t swim there. Then he pointed out toward the middle, where I could clearly see the ridged back of a three-meter-long crocodile slowing gliding through the water. I opted to take a cool shower at the campgrounds.
Later that afternoon I interviewed Miss Gabriella Moretti, owner of the one hotel located on the lagoon, the Sombrero Ecolodge. She told me about a memorable event that took place some years back when a tourist, purportedly none other than the royal Dutch chocolatier to the queen of Holland, went for a dip in the lagoon:
“A group of tourists from Holland were staying at El Sombrero. It was about 6 a.m. when I heard a commotion coming from the direction of the pier. I saw some of the visitors shouting in terror and waving as they helplessly watched a crocodile swimming toward a man bathing in the lagoon. I rushed down and saw a man splashing in the water, and at first thought he was drowning because he was submerging and then surfacing again while violently splashing.
“When he saw the croc he raised his arm to defend himself and this was where the two-meter-long saurian first bit him, breaking his wrist. I dove into the lagoon and swam towards the man. By now the croc had taken him by the leg and was trying to dive. At the same time several workers had jumped into the hotel skiff and were feverishly paddling toward the man, who was fighting hard for his life. Finally, as we approached the croc gave up and swam off. We managed to get the badly injured man into the skiff.
“Fortunately, he was evacuated to a hospital in Guatemala City, and I am happy to report that they were able to save his leg. It still gives me shivers to remember how, for years, we all, including my young children, would swim in the lagoon without a second thought. Since the attack we never have gone back in.”
Park guards later in the day told me that none of them even wade into the water. Nevertheless, several years back a female tourist, they informed me, would swim way out into the lagoon every day, seemingly oblivious to the presence of the big crocs. The guards would look on with a mixture of dread and amazement.
After several weeks paddling all over the Yaxhá Lagoon I know that it is literally infested with crocs and that there are many big ones in excess of three meters. You almost never see them. They are masters at being surreptitious. What looks like bubbles on the water surface are often croc eyes just emerging for a moment to get a better view—of you!
I discovered a hidden inlet formed by the high water, leading to an inundated cenote, a perfectly circular body of water with the jungle towering above. This, I found out, was the croc breeding area, and if I was quiet enough I would see literally dozens of baby crocs sunning themselves and playing around in the muck.

WTC,9/11,Barack Obama,,Netherlands Queen Bitch Beatrix ...

Jan 27, 2013 - wolfblitzzer0: Netherlands',Queen Beatrix's Dutch Perverts Protect . ...Israeli ICTS International Israeli terrorosists,Menachem Atzmon,

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Mar 16, 2014 - ICTS Israel,Netherlands Schiphol Airport FRED DE BROUWER AND ... is also one of the Rothschild - Queen Beatrix - Netherlands scumbags who ... up for the Israelis of ICTS International or ICTS Europe missed their 9/11 ...

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Nov 30, 2010 - Geert Wilders,ICTS International,Menachem Atzmon ... that both Geert Wilders and Queen Beatrice protect and give aid and comfort to the very Israeli'security' company, that allowed 9/11 to happen in the first place, and led to ...

ICTS International | Austin IMC

WTC,9/11:Joseph Campbell Plagiarizes Chris Bollyn and says he'd like to 'slash' conspiracy ... Was Anders Behring Breivik Norway Terrorism funded by CIA or Israelifraud,money ... and his Shin Bet boys of ICTS International that The NetherlandsQueenBeatrix,Geert Wilders and the Rothschild crime family alowed and.

Here We Go Then…. | The Holland Bureau

Oct 6, 2010 - ... up of the ministerial posts and the traditional photo on the palace steps with Queen Beatrix. ... ICTS International at Schiphol,etc.,is run by Israeligovernment ... 9/11/01)and more recently allowed the Islamic Nigerian 'crotch

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Dec 3, 2010 - Geert Wilders,ICTS International,Menachem Atzmon ... and Queen Beatrice protect and give aid and comfort to the very Israeli 'security' ... and led to the deaths of almost 3,000 in New York WTC on 9/11/0, and according to ...

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Oct 27, 2010 - The question is how crucial is the Palestinian/Israeli issue to the ... Both Geert Wilders as well as Queen Beatrix appear to have blood on their ... WTC,9/11,ICTS International,NY Mosque:Netherlands Geert Wilders,Barack

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Beekeepers try to keep bees - and livelihoods - from going extinct

Beekeepers try to keep bees - and livelihoods - from going extinct

Bees return to the hives that beekeeper Henry Storch is using to pollinate a client's clary sage fields in Corvallis, Ore. (Photo for The Washington Post by Leah Nash)

Beekeepers try to keep bees - and livelihoods - from going extinct

CORVALLIS, Ore. — On a recent summer morning in a bright green meadow off a winding country road, Devon and Landon Prescott were prying open beehives. They moved quickly among the 1,400 wooden boxes, eyeing each brood and locating its queen.
Landon, 19, spoke up after finding four hives with missing queens.
"That's pretty bad," said Devon, 21, peering over his brother's shoulder to search the bee-covered screen. A hive without a queen is likely doomed. "That's really high."
There was a crate of replacement queens in the truck, each housed in its own tiny wooden box. Each queen, specially ordered and shipped from warm-weather climates, cost at least $20. Too many queenless hives could put young beekeepers like the Prescotts out of business.
Over the past decade, billions of bees have been lost to Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), an umbrella term for a host of factors thought to be killing honeybees in droves and threatening the nation's food supply. Amid the die-off, beekeepers like the Prescotts have been going to extraordinary lengths to save both their bees and their livelihoods.
That effort may finally be paying off. New data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture show the number of managed honeybee colonies is on the rise, climbing to 2.7 million nationally in 2014, the highest in 20 years.
Bees are still dying at unacceptable rates, especially in Florida, Oklahoma and several states bordering the Great Lakes, according to the Bee Informed Partnership, a research collaborative supported by the USDA. Last month, Ohio State University's Honey Bee Update noted that losses among the state's beekeepers over the past winter were as high as 80 percent.
Oregon has been less hard hit. Researchers say innovative beekeepers will be critical to helping bees bounce back.
"People ask me, 'The bees are going to be extinct soon?' " said Ramesh Sagili, principal investigator at the Oregon State University Honey Bee Lab. "I'm not worried about bees being extinct here. I'm worried about beekeepers being extinct."
Beekeeping in America was already a graying industry when the rigors of colony collapse began taking their toll. A new generation of backyard beekeepers and urban hobbyists worried about the fate of bees has sprung up in the face of the disorder, said Tim Tucker, a Kansas beekeeper who serves as president of the American Beekeeping Federation.
But "what's not increasing are the commercial levels of beekeepers," said Tucker, who estimates that the number of professionals on his membership list has plummeted by half since the mid-1990s.
That makes Devon Prescott something of an anomaly among the nation's estimated 2,200 commercial pollinators: A young man. He networks with other beekeepers on Facebook and Instagram, and sees his work as an essential part of a global cause.
"I feel a social responsibility to provide good bees," Prescott said. "It makes me happy to look at the part that I'm playing."
Still, Prescott, who trucks bees from the almond fields of California to the cherry orchards of the Columbia River Gorge, worries about the economics of the business. He said he's lost track of the number of hives that have turned up dead or queenless since he started keeping bees four years ago. Each dead hive equals a loss of as much as $200.
Back in his truck, Prescott shook his head. "Why are they so hard to keep alive?"
He looked across the cab at his brother. "What do you think, Landy?"
"I don't know why it's so hard. They've been around so long," Landon said. "Why would we need to help them so much?"
Obsessing over bee health was unheard of 50 years ago, said Marla Spivak, a University of Minnesota professor of entomology. "In the past, it was very easy to keep bees. Throw them in a box and they make honey and survive. Now it takes lots of management."
Researchers believe a variety of factors are responsible for colony collapse: Monocultural farming practices, diseases and pesticides. Also, the tiny Varroa mite, which sucks bee blood, leaving open wounds. The mite arrived in the United States in the late 1980s and "has changed the face of beekeeping," Sagili said.
Bee death was not new to beekeepers. In their 2012 working paper, "Colony Collapse Disorder: The Market Response to Disaster," agricultural economists Randal Rucker and Walter Thurman write that seasonal die-offs have always occurred, with beekeepers losing 14 percent of their colonies, on average, each winter.
But since colony collapse was first documented in 2006, the annual die-offs have been far more dramatic, forcing beekeepers to use increasingly creative techniques to keep their flocks alive. One common tactic: Restocking queenless hives with fresh, new queens. Another: Splitting a healthy hive in two, and starting a second hive with a new queen. Beekeepers can also turn to packaged bees, which cost about $55 for 12,000 workers and a fertilized queen.
"Beekeepers know what to do," Rucker said in an interview. After 2006, "they adjusted and they adjusted quickly."
Research suggests that beekeepers are being at least partially compensated for that effort with higher honey prices and higher pollination fees. For California almonds, which require the pollination help of 1.6 million hives per year, beekeepers earn roughly $175 per hive.
Other crops pay significantly less, however. In Oregon, blueberries, cherries and pears, for example, pay around $40 per hive.
Then there are the long seasons and constant travel. In Oregon, commercial beekeepers work from January to October, pollinating not only crops of fruits and vegetables, but also the multibillion dollar seed and wine industries in the Willamette Valley.
And beekeepers who avoid big colony-collapse losses face other potential disasters. In late June, a semi truck filled with hives tipped in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, sending the load tumbling off the highway. Hundreds of thousands of bees perished.
"It is hard and it costs a lot of money," said George Hansen, past president of the ABF and a beekeeper in Oregon for the 35 years. "There's a certain toll you have to pay for when things go wrong. . . . How many times can you take those kinds of hits and still get up and do it again?"
Henry Storch, 32, does it because he feels a calling to beekeeping. A farrier by trade, Storch said he could make more money shoeing horses. But five years ago, he became obsessed with the notion that he could build a better bee.
"I put some out in the middle of nowhere and the bees were doing really good," Storch said, popping open a hive with his bare hands. He barely flinched as a bee stung him on the upper lip.
Storch's mountain-bred "survivor" bees are like open-range cows: Tough, hardened and less in need of close management than the bees he trucks to the California almond fields. Storch compares the effort to growing organic, non-GMO food.
"I'm trying to create something with a certain set of traits that's more resilient, that provides a solution to world problems," he said.
Storch keeps his costs low, using his arms instead of a forklift to load each 60-pound wooden hive onto his 20-year-old truck. Low costs mean he can experiment.
Rumbling through the Oregon wilderness, for example, he noticed a profusion of invasive plant species. He wondered: Can I make honey from that?
"If you're worried about having non-native species here, you'll just get bummed out," he said. "With the bees, it's potential."
In the wildlands of Oregon's Coast Range, Storch found that his survivor bees thrived on invasive plants. He began bottling the result, selling jars of honey produced from weird, rarely seen varietals such as bigleaf maple, blackberry and lotus — even poison oak.
The idea has resonated among Portland's foodies. One Portland cafe, Sweedeedee, uses Storch's Old Blue Raw Honey in all its baked goods; a local food critic declared the salted honey pie "divine." Another high-end bistro hosted a $50-per-plate, four-course "honey brunch" featuring Storch's honey in everything from honey-cured bacon to honey "drinking porridge."
While Storch depends on almonds to stay in business, he always keeps some survivor bees in the mountains to make their "really rad honey."
"Bee breeding has gotten really skewed toward almonds," he said. "That's part of why I'm doing my own thing."
Earlier this year, Storch separated five breeder queens from his survivor colonies and gave them away to beekeepers in California.
Storch hopes the bees, bred deep in Oregon's thickly forested bear country, might just be a first step toward saving bees around the world.

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Alye llc:Liberty Chocolates VT.Israeli Con Artist Katrina Coravos A Penny Stock Money Launderer As Well

Alye llc::Liberty Chocolates VT.,Israeli Con Artist Katrina 'Red Tent' Coravos A Penny Stock Money Launderer As Well?

Penny stock money laundering and theft of American invesresor dollars is a VERY Israeli kind of thing.....
Note although Katrina claims in her self promotion of the honey chocolate concept she stole from Tostaduria Antiguia in Guatemala although sho incorrectly uses Cooa powder and butter or ARTIFICIAL SUBSTITUTE,that she moved to Vermont after selling her unnamed 'health food store' - she is stioll registering Argyle LLC in New Hamphire as later as 2004.Just as she lied about inventing concept of chocolate honey bars on her on.
Last name strange as well.Maybe rewritten Greek mayber not.But she definitely was very pro Israel........
Red Tent Jewish 'women's group' fraud based upon a phony Jewish goddess as well as  the weird Dinah rape stoey in Torah Old Testament and usingf all this in financial scams is very Israeli as well.......

Alye Llc - › ... › A › AL › ALY - Traducir esta página
Здесь вы найдете ALYE LLC адрес, Факс, Телефон, эл. почту, веб-сайт и другую информацию. ... «ALYE LLC» рейтинг 3.94 из 5. ... CORAVOS KATRINA ...

Alye Llc - › ... › A › AL › ALY - Traducir esta página
informations sur l'entreprise ALYE LLC (620247). ... ici adresse, fax, téléphone, courriel, site Web et autres informations de ALYE LLC . ... CORAVOS KATRINA.

Coravos, Katrina

 New Hampshire  US-NH-620247  
Coravos, Katrina is the Registered Agent of ALYE LLC, registered in New Hampshire.

  • Name: Coravos, Katrina
  • Office Held: Registered Agent

3358 White Mountain Highway, North Conway NH 03860

Read more:


ADM-2010- 0035
In the Matter of Anastasia Coravos, Esq.
On April 28, 2010, this court issued an order requiring Attorney Coravos to file her certificate of compliance with the minimum legal education requirements for the reporting year ending June 30, 2009, and to pay the late fees assessed, or be suspended from the practice of law in New Hampshire.
Attorney Coravos has neither responded to the show cause order, nor brought herself into compliance with Supreme Court Rule 53.7(A)(3).
Attorney Coravos is hereby suspended from the practice of law in New Hampshire.
Attorney Coravos is ordered to notify her clients in writing that she has been suspended from the practice of law in New Hampshire and to notify the court by Monday, July 5, 2010, that she has completed this task. On or before Thursday, June 24, 2010, the Attorney Discipline Office shall advise the court if it believes that an attorney should be appointed to make an inventory of Attorney Coravos’ files and to take action to protect the interests of Attorney Coravos’ clients. The court hereby requires that Attorney Coravos’ trust accounts and other financial records be audited at her expense.
Broderick, C.J., and Dalianis, Duggan, Hicks, and Conboy, JJ., concurred.

ISSUED: June 4, 2010
ATTEST: Eileen Fox, Clerk

Coravos Facebook, Twitter & MySpace on PeekYou
Looking for Coravos ? PeekYou's people search has 14 people named Coravos and you can find info, ... 37-year-old Katrina A Coravos lives in Orlando, FL.

Katrina A. Coravos 37 yrs

Katrina Coravos, from Orlando FL
    Katrina A Coravos is 37 years old. She lives in Orlando, Florida.

    Katrina Coravos

    Katrina Coravos, from Bethel ME
      Katrina Coravos lives in Bethel, Maine.

      Katrina Coravos

      Katrina Coravos, from Campton NH
        Katrina Coravos lives in Campton, New Hampshire.

        Katrina Coravos

        Katrina Coravos, from Tucson AZ
          Katrina Coravos lives in Tucson, AZ.

          Public Records & Background Checks

          [PDF]Motion -

          New Hampshire
          Jan 17, 2013 - capacity as Liquidator of Noble Trust Company (the "Liquidator" and "Noble ... Spencer Johnson, Anastasia Coravos, Global Financial Investors ...

          [PDF]The Petition -

          New Hampshire
          Apr 24, 2009 - New Hampshire, as Liquidator for Noble Trust Company and Aegean ...Anastasia Coravos (“Coravos”) is the former General Counsel of Noble.

          Anastasia Coravos | LinkedIn

          Greater Boston Area - ‎Owner, A. Coravos Financial Group, Inc.
          View Anastasia Coravos's professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the ... Owner, A. Coravos Financial Group, Inc. ... Student at Noble and Greenough School ...

          Coravos, Katrina - ALYE LLC - Business Profiles

 › New Hampshire › ALYE LLC - Traducir esta página
          Coravos, Katrina is the Registered Agent of ALYE LLC, registered in New Hampshire.

          ALYE LLC - Business Entity

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          Registered Agent. Agent Name: Coravos, Katrina. Office Address: 3358 White Mountain Highway North Conway NH 03860. Mailing Address: ...

          ALYE LLLC -

          Traducir esta página
          Alye Lllc is located at 478 EAST WARREN ROAD, WAITSFIELD, VT, 05673, USA where they ... LLC Subtype: Manager Managed ... Name: KATRINA CORAVOS.

          Alye Llc - New Hampshire business

 › › A › AL › ALY - Traducir esta página
          Alle Informationen zu ALYE LLC, Unternehmenscode (620247). Alle Kontaktdaten ...ALYE LLC ist Unternehmen in New Hampshire. ... CORAVOS KATRINA ...

          Alye Llc -

 › ... › A › AL › ALY - Traducir esta página
          informations sur l'entreprise ALYE LLC (620247). ... ici adresse, fax, téléphone, courriel, site Web et autres informations de ALYE LLC . ... CORAVOS KATRINA.

          Alye Llc -

 › ... › A › AL › ALY - Traducir esta página
          Здесь вы найдете ALYE LLC адрес, Факс, Телефон, эл. почту, веб-сайт и другую информацию. ... «ALYE LLC» рейтинг 3.94 из 5. ... CORAVOS KATRINA ...


          Katrina Coravos' Story - Liberty Chocolates

          Katrina Coravos' Story: I wanted to create a brand that exemplified my process of stepping into my own passions and creations. Liberty Chocolates was born.
          Missing: alye

          Alye llc:Liberty Chocolates VT.Israeli Con Artist Katrina ...

          Aug 7, 2015 - Israeli Con Artist Katrina Coravos A Penny Stock Money Launderer As ... Coravos, Katrina is the Registered Agent of ALYE LLC, registered in ...

          Trust What Can't Ever Be Verified: A Chocolate Bar Is ...

          May 8, 2015 - I've been drawn into a chocolate fight with an Israeli woman who goes by the name of Katrina Coravos Liberty Chocolates VT.and wish to steal ...
          Missing: alye
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          ALYE LLC - Business Entity

          Bill Gardner
          Registered Agent. Agent Name: CoravosKatrina. Office Address: 3358 White Mountain Highway North Conway NH 03860. Mailing Address: ...

          ALYE LLLC -

          Alye Lllc is located at 478 EAST WARREN ROAD, WAITSFIELD, VT, 05673, USA where they specialize in chocolate ... Name: KATRINA CORAVOS. Physical ...

          Coravos, Katrina (agent) :: OpenCorporates

          Jul 28, 2014 - Information on CoravosKatrina (agent) ... CoravosKatrina. Company: inactive ALYE LLC; Name: CoravosKatrina; Position: agent ...

          KATRINA CORAVOS (director) :: OpenCorporates

          Jun 18, 2013 - Information on KATRINA CORAVOS (director) ... inactive ALYE LLC (New Hampshire (US), 30 Sep 2009- ); Coravos, Katrina A, agent, United ...

          Alye Lllc in Waitsfield, VT - Bizapedia Profile

          Alye Lllc in Waitsfield, VT 05673 - Lookup its Vermont Secretary of State Registration. ... The Registered Agent on file for this company is Katrina Coravos and is ...

          Alye Llc (620247) - free New Hampshire companies database

 › A › AL › ALY
          ALYE LLC is company incorporated in New Hampshire with identification number of 620247. The officer(s) of the company is/are: CORAVOS KATRINA More ...

          Alye Lllc - Business Located in Vermont -

 › Vermont
          Public profile for Alye Lllc, located at 478 East Warren Road in Waitsfield, ... SOS Office and the registered agent is Katrina Coravos that does business at 478 ...


          Intelius - 1 Profile found for Timothy Coravos in Center ...

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          Find Timothy Coravos's phone records, relatives, address history, ... People Search Report on Timothy A Coravos in Center Conway, NH ... Katrina Coravos.

          Timothy A Coravos

          Center Conway, NH
          Basic information on Timothy A Coravos, Center Conway NH. Find Timothy A Coravos's age, gender, possible aliases, associates and professional status.
          Also Known As
          Timothy A Coravos
          Tim Coravos
          Timothy Has Lived In
          Center Conway, NH
          Dracut, MA
          Kearsarge, NH
          Timothy's Relatives
          Katrina Coravos

          People directory with over 600,000,000 names!

          Timothy A Coravos's PicTimothy A Coravos
          Timothy A Coravos's Gender is MaleGenderMale