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Goddess: John Lennon's Answer To UK-Israeli Zionist-Posing-As-Feminist,Anita Diamant 's Red Tent Hoax Fraud

Goddess: John Lennon's Answer To UK-Israeli Zionist-Posing-As-Feminist,Anita Diamant 's Red Tent Hoax Fraud

I would say to Anita Diamond that if she is ever sued over psycological or financial or other damage done to female victims taken in the red tent scams now being perpetraited in mass at least in the U.S. that she deserves it.I only became aware of this corny sado masochistic torah-nical,old testament-ical b movie that someone like Ronald Reagan may have gotten a starring male role in if it had been done in the 1950's because an Israeli woman named Katrina Coravos who ripped off out Tostaduria Antigua cacao honey bar inverntion of 2005 and worse used cocoa powder and butter rather than whole cacao beans that we created te honey process far,was also running a 'red tent' scam on the side.
Further it is very insulting and too 'jewish' that even the ancient mother goddess idols known to date MUCH LONGER than anything 'jewish' has been coopted by your atrocious sado masochistic torah-nical book as being hebrew or whatever in the first place.Whether the Noah story was plagiarized or not from Babylon iut would't concern pseudo-white 'jews' of  european origen anyway because they never had any ancstral ties to real semitic speaking Hebrews in the first place.
And yet still trying to jam a square peg in a round hole we have white jewish supremicists  such as a Yeshiva University scumbag named G Atzmon claiming there is a 'cohamin gene' when it is well known in reakl academic circles that what he calls the cohenim gene existed tens of thousanbds of years before any Hebrew witch doctors even existed!The Yeshiva Atzmon is probably related to Netanyahu's convicted in Israel  money launderer and security (safety)FRAUD AND SECURITIES(STOCK)FRAUD IN THE U.S. MENACHEM ATZMON.WHO WAS ONE OF THE SHIN BET TEAM RESPONSIBLE FOR FLIGHTS 175 AND 11 TAKING OFF TO ACCORDING TO U.S.GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL STORY,WHACK THE TWO WTC TOWERS ON SEPTEMBER 11,2001 .This not only led to all those deaths in the WTC and Pentagon too probably but to thousands of dead and wounded American soldiers and National guard and well over a million innocents in the Middle East!
to be continued

  1. SparkNotes: The Red Tent: Part Two, Chapters 7–8 › ... › The Red Tent

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    A summary of Part Two, Chapters 7–8 in Anita Diamant's The Red Tent. ... Jacob finally declares that if all the men in Shechem agree to be circumcised, he will ... Simon and Levi murder all of the men in Shechem that night, then carry Dinah back to ... Diamant rewrites the biblical rape of Dinah in Chapters Seven and Eight, ...

Goddess is a Concept by which we measure our pain
I'll say it again
Goddess is a Concept by which we measure our pain

I don't believe in bitches
I don't believe in bastards
I don't believe in over breeding
I don't believe in Torah
I don't believe in Kabbalah
I don't believe in Golda Meir
I don't believe in ISIS
I don't believe in Bloody Mary
I don't believe in Bob Dylan Zimmerman
I don't believe in Madonna
I don't believe in Margaret Thatcher
I don't believe in Kings
I don't believe in Queens
I don't believe in Lolitas
I don't believe in Dina
I don't believe in servant rapist Abraham
I don't believe in white Semites
Thus I don't belive in Jews
I don't believe in Pope Francis Bergoglio
I don't believe pro Israel Zionist Pope Beroglio didn't know
his Argentine
military junta pals were using women as baby machines then
drugging and killing them,
I don't believe in plastic fantaSTIC CATHOLIC FANATIC mARK cHAPMAN
I DON'T BELIEVE IN cia Catcher In The Rye aurthor  J.D. Salinger
I don't believe in Torah-nical,Biblical,Koran-ical Mormon-ical BS

I don't believe in sado masochistic old testical torah-nical pornography

I just believe in me,the universe me, and that's reality

Judeo-Christianity and Baby Machines

by Tony Ryals

They killed homosexuals didn't they?,
Or at least that's what the Bible(Torah) says anyway,
And God it says took Onan's life,
Because he wouldn't have sex with his dead brother's wife,
God being strictly "right to life,
But Lot of Sodom and Gomorrah fame,
At least knew how to play God's game,
While his wife turned to salt as God murdered her friends,
Lot was busy watching his daughters rear ends,
And saying his amens,
The Bible says they got him drunk and raped him,
Thus more babies they did make them,
And that's how God saved him,
We know not exactly what sins against
God the wicked Sodomites had done,
 But to judge from Lot incest wasn't one,
And of course there's wise King Solomon,
Who took numbers of wives to increase his own reproduction,
While to house them he cut the cedars of Lebanon,
So much for wise King Solomon,
Might as well trust in Allah man,
So they took their women to bed,
And to more little tribesmen this surely led,
Who beat other tribesmen over the head,
And then took their women to bed,
Like this the population continued to grow,
While civilizations would come and civilizations would go,
Thanks to Judeo - Christian - Muslim views of life,
Women knew nothing but reproductive strife,
And men knew nothing but killing,
Of which they were so able and willing,
But now our own reproductions,
Threaten the biosphere's functions,
The old ways no longer apply,
We can't even afford an eye for an eye,
Let alone to go out and multiply,
And if we continue to over reproduce as a species - we die,
If the laws of God and the biosphere are one,
Better to read the soil and celebrate the sun,
Than to thump the Bible and defend the gun,
Those who would not in pornography traffic,
Had better take the Bible and pack it
So far that the kiddies can't see it,
Lest there's the danger that they just might read it,

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