Monday, December 7, 2015

RARE Simojovel,Chiapas,Mexico Amber With Plant Insect Inclusions

I personally have a nice collection of Mexican ambar and although ambericawest specializes mostly in Dominican Republic amber they are or were linked by a land bridge millions ago when both were formed.
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This is the fabled Chiapas amber from the Mayan mines in Chiapas, Mexico. It is fairly difficult to get a hold of and is highly prized for its impressive color and transparency. You can find reds, blues, greens and of course amber colors. This is real color, not like altered Baltic amber. This is quite a find and not seen often! You can do just about anything you want with this amber. My suggestion is for jewelry - the depth of color is seldom seen in any amber from anywhere else!
All of these pieces of amber were hand-polished by Mayan (Tzotzil) Indigenous people. NO machines, tumblers, or etc. were used.
1. 18.1 grams of light green amber in an irregular shape. Scanned Image!
amber2. Fascinating piece of amber. This piece tells a great story. Inside the piece there are a bunch of insects, but that is notthe story. There is atuft of mammalian hair. So rare, but true. At some time 20 million years ago, amammal brushed up against the sticky resin and tore out asmall section of hair. You can see everything when you look. Tons of hair, all on one side of the amber. Just so cool to imagine a mammal 20 million year ago. This is the first time I have seen hair in Chiapas amber. I am sure it is not impossible, but certainly this is so rare as to warrant a special place in anyone's collection. At the end of the hair is where the follicles start. This has them. That means maybe there is still ancient DNA at the roots of the hair? A sharp thought. 
Scanned Image!
3. Lamberarge piece of amber.Strange colors to it -1/2 is amber yellow and the otherhalf is green. The green comes in a swirl pattern - very shape and attractive. 30.6 grams in weight. 
amber4. With this piece, you have to ask, what is not in it? Seems like this has a zoo inside. Rather a medium sized piece with so much, well here it goes. There is a mature planthopper that had it's wings spread. I think this is in the family Cixiidae. You can even see some of the wing pattern that remains after 25 million years. Not too far away are a fewmammalian hairs (this is rare). There is a nice beetle with large wings, a seed beetle, Coleoptera, Bruchidae, awinged termite with it's wings spreadthis even has a bee. Not too far away is an earwig,Dermaptera. Also the husk of a spider and a bark lice, Psocodea:Psocomorphia. I know there is more, but I give upQuite a bit in this package.
Scanned Image!
5. Good sized piece of yellow green Chiapas amber. Good shape and weighs 13.1 grams
Scanned Image!
6. Lamberarge piece of amber. Seems to have a greenish tintto it. Quite large,quite beautiful. This weighs 232 grams (almost 1/2 pound) of pure Chiapas amber.
amber7. Good sized piece of yellow greenChiapas amber.Good shape and weighs 272 grams - that is a big piece of amber
Scanned Image!

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