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If snyone  wants to make cacao honey bars  at home go ahead but remember the innovation-invention, simple as it is, originated in Antigua Guatemala in 2005 and we are trying to develop it for Guatemalan cacao beans that have been marginalized in modern times even though this the place of origen makes the best..Now sugar cane mono'culture dominates the Pacific coast where cacao used to flourish and creates a bee desert as well.

When I searched internet in 2005 we at Tostaduria Antigua in Antigua Guatemala were the ones to roast BOTH coffee and cascao beans and even do it out in the open in our small shop.I t may be a lage corp like Nestle may do so on super large scale in the factory but even then we were thew only ones to thwen make chocolater or better said cacao-honey bar directly from the whole bean with no need to do any of the Dutch process which begins by using a heavy press to cause separation of the butter of the non fat portion which is cocoa powder.We don't believe in doing this to make a real cacao honey bar.Cocoa powder sugar bars a la Hershey bar or even the 'best' Belgian chocolate bars all must use more cocoa butter or artificial cocoa butter then is found naturally in the beans.With our cacao honey process only 'whole bean' ground cacao and honey is needed to form the basic basr.After that one can add spices nuts or just about anything else.

On the other hand our simple process usually using 50% honey and 50% ground cacao beans invented by us in 2005 (although I thought about it in the 1990's but no medical research was available till the 2000's to give incentive to do it),can be done at home but we prefer that we and Guatemala where cacao use by Maya or Olmec, began get some credit and income for our innovation if done commercially .Not a single recipe or even chocolate bar with cocoa powder and cocoa butter cacao for sale existed on internet at that time. The only cocoa honey product we saw however was from New Zealand but was only cocoa powder and honey syrup for making  a spread or drink and emphasizing New Zealand's famous honey .

This is posted because two retired appearing New Zealanders identifying themselves as Paolo and Ruth appeared at Tostaduria Antigua,2da Avenida Sur #34 a few days ago.The man had been here recently before.I think he may be related to two younger New Zealanders who were staying at a Spanish school guest house next door recently also.This is because at first the older man coming in with his wife and asking about whether coffee or cacao roasted the fasted confused me in saying he had been here before because I didn't remember him coming with his wife or I presume wife Ruth.Then I did remember someone who fit his description coming in to buy some of our 'whole bean' cacao honey bars with one of the younger New Zealanders who I believe are brothers......

Paolo said he had a friend who has a coffee roaster in New Zealand and that he had been a chef but this would still not be a justification for idea theft if he were to take our inventions simple as they are or particularly because they are simple back to New Zealand for business purposes.He also said he had  land where he grew raspberries.ought one of my Maximon t-shirts as well and I explained that I had written an article(posted on this site),in the 1990's explaining my belief that the Maximon cult-religion here in Guatemala was really of French origen based upon Frech intellectual Count Claude Henri de Rouvroy de Saint Simon who died in Paris in 1825.It only after he left that I read between the lines and he appeared to be saying I like your uinvention,I think I'll rip it off and share it with my friend a New Zealand coffee roaster!I WAS UPSET AS YOU OPR ANYONE ELSE MIGHT BE WHO INVENTED AND WORKED SO HARD TO DEVELOP A CONCEPT THAT IS TAKING TIME TO MARKET ON THE SCALE IT DESERVES.

When we, my Guatemalan partner and I,first began roating and making cacao hobney bars our our coffee roaster in 1995 I did a thorough 'google' search for 'cacao honey bar ' and 'chocolate honey bar' and not
a single result turned up.However the only choclate honey product that I did find was from New Zealand.
This was a company using New Zealand's famous honey with cocoa powder in it - a sort of syrup that I preume could also be used to make a chocolate drink.However NO BAR AND A FAR CRY FROM WHAT WE HAD INVENTED.Cocoa powder is made from the first stage of the 'Dutch process' invented in Holland in 1827  that uses high pressure press to separate the gound beans' butter and the non fat portion which becomes the more water soluble cocoa powder.At least at this stage the first stage it hasn't undergone the alkalai processing that is the second stage and seroiusly damages the nutriceuticals and antioxidants  so prized and appreciated in modern times for thei healh benefits.This was the beginning of the end of real choclate in Europe and around the world the the standard of not only Hershey bars but also the best say Belgian choclate both of which use cocoa powder and real or artificial cocoa butter and sugar basically. simply has no cocoa More recently a business has appeared in New Zealand that uses cocoa powder and cocoa butter and honey to make a bar just as my copuiers in the Boston area incorrectly,in my opinon,do.
Our process using 'whole bean' real cacao rather than cocoa butter and powder actually makes use of  and takes advantage of honeys natural semi liquid properties to avoid the need to add additional cocoa butter above the 52% to 58% cocoa butter found in natural beans.COCOA POWDER BASED BARS USING SUGARS GENERALLY NEED AROUND 65% COCOA BUTTER OR ARTIFICIAL BUTTER TO MAKE THEIR BARS BECAUSE OF THE NON LIQUID ETC. PROPERTIES OF SUGAR.

'Paolo' and Ruth may have been a little taken back by my openly stating that Israelis at the highest levels of their fascist terrorist government knew of or about me and it was only then that I thought about it and they looked of Russian or other eastern European Jewish origen which is fine by me BUT I have indeed had at least 3 Jewish or Israeli Zionist biusinesses opening up in the Vermont-Boston area trying to steal out cacao honey concept not onlyout of greed but hatred of anyone who criticises Israel or Isra-hell as I prefer to call it.
We were the first and only to my knowledge to roast both cacao and coffee as a business and then to grind and make cacao-honey bars and so this distinction should be left to us in Guatemala and copiers should ethically return something to us and Guatemala for ourr ideas ather than just steal.I on the other hand have explained over and over again to various clients just what our technique is and how they can take our unsweetened lightly roasted Guatemalan cacao and make bars themselves and add fruit nuts etc to their own tastes.I in fact have nothing against Paolo and Ruth making their own cacao honey bars at home for themselves but to pass our innovations on to their roaster friend's business without acknowledgement or credit is ethical and should be legal theft.We have to explain our ingredients to our clients and have no 'secret' ingredients suuch as coca-cola,etc.And we are proud of those ingredients that help both Guatela;s economy and environment because both bees or apiculture as well as cacao help the encvironment whereas the mono=culture of sugar cane is killing us and creates a bee desertbecause bees get no sustenance from pollination when the land in converted to sugar cane and biodiversity is destroyed.

to be continued

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