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cacao:tripadvisor post re Tostaduria Antigua coffee.We were te first to roast in Antigua beginning in 1993.

They(our wonderful customers) are so much into coffee they missed the FACT that we invented whole bean cacao honey bars in 2005 and put the plant pataxte or Theobroma bicolor on google and and search engine maps...This is unfortunately why scheisters such as Emily Stone chocolateincontext.con,Katrina Coravos Liberty Chocolates VT .con and Gg of junapu.con(using Maya to promote her copy rippoff of traditional Spanish European sugar drinking chocolate0get away with their ripoffs and sabotage of our innovatons.nONE OF THESE HATEFUL ZIONIST WOMEN HAVE EVER HAD AN IDEA OF THEIR OWN IN THE LIVES WHICH IS IN PART WHY THEY DON'T RESPECT THE IDEA INVENTIONS INNOVATIONS OF OTHERS.

 Shel Horowitz's  comment tre our cacao honey bars from 2006 before all the bad sugar chocolate ripoffs arrived:

Antigua, Guatemala: Colonial Elegance and Lots to Do
Antigua has at least two excellent chocolatiers: Chocotenango, with its high-end truffles in exotic flavors (including rosemary, thyme, cardamom), local owner, and very reasonable prices (most small truffles were 4 quetzales—about fifty cents). I had a cardamom and a seven-spice, and enjoyed both. Dina had an Elvis, which she described as like a Reese's, and a white chocolate mocha truffle. 
But the chocolate shop I preferred was Tostaduria Antigua, Sixth Street West at Seventh Avenue South, an amazing little coffee bean shop that also sold very dark, rough artisenal chocolates as well as whole cacao beans. Owned and operated by an intense Norteamericano from Texas, this shop offered something very close to a pure chocolate experience. It's not for everyone, but I was utterly thrilled..........

Shel Horowitz has written about travel experiences from meeting with peace activists in Israel to cooking in Mexico to getting around Los Angeles by bus. He is the editor of Global Travel Review and the author of The Penny-Pinching Hedonist: How to Live Like Royalty with a Peasant's Pocketbook and six other books.

tripadvisor post re Tostaduria Antigua coffee.We were te first to roast in Antigua beginning in 1993.

5 of 5 starsReviewed May 15, 2015

We are at home now and trying all of the different coffees we bought in Guatemala. Each morning my wife prepares it , and I guess where it was bought and which type it is. Fernando`s? Mike`s from Crossroads? All have been good, but today especially so! From Tostasduria!!!! Dark roast. So glad we found you at your new location!!

5 of 5 starsReviewed January 24, 2015
I just went to the old location on 7 Avenida. Tostaduria Antigua is not there anymore. It's a coffee shop, but new owners and the place was done over. Not even close to the same place. I searched for 2 days and finally found Tony in a small shop at 2D Avenida #34 by Santa Clara. The address is 2nd...

5 of 5 starsReviewed January 20, 2014 via mobile
Was on a different corner great coffee smoke scent. Still get excited when I walk down the cobbled streets and smell that bean smell. If your here and a coffee person welcome to meca.seventeen years hasn't change the experience.

5 of 5 starsReviewed November 25, 2013
I bought the medium roasted coffee beans to bring home and now I'm wishing I'd bought a lot more. If you enjoy coffee with caramel and chocolate tones, you will definitely enjoy this. can't wait to go back again to get some more!
Visited November 2013

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