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'Liberty Chocolates' Ripoffs Gg Trimper Guatemala,Katrina Coravos Israel,VT.

Liberty Chocolates Ripoffs Gg Trimper Guatemala,Katrina Coravos Israel,VT.- Sisters or other family relation ?They look and sct alike.Gg has nerve to call herself  a 'Mayan priestess' when in fact much of her hatred towards me has come from my  exposing Israeli involvement in Mayan holocaust....continued below images.......................

olate Ripoffs Gg

'Gg' Trimper

Katrina Coravos Israeli Zionist residing in VT
who did an insultingly bad ripoff of our natural
'whole bean' cacao honey bars using cocoa powder
and cocoa butter - sort of like making Antigua coffee
into instant coffee.......

Sisters?.They look VERY much alike.Gg has been sending people to harrass me and spy on our cacao honey bars since she fund us in our old locale in Antigua and she was studying to be a 'Mayan astrologer' whatever that is with a neighbor near our store.Now she thinks she is or can profit by claiming to be a 'Mayan Priestess' ha.A Jewish Zionist Priestess maybe....Gg Trimper who has hidden her last name for as long as I first met her actually ignorantly uses a Mayan name from Popul Vuh for her chocolate when in fact it is an old Spanish or   European recipe commonly made in Guatemala and Mexico particularly Oaxaca for many years.But at least they are not so ignorant to give it an indigenous name because they know it is a Spanish or European recipe with sugar first brought to be continued
Below Israeli Ambassador to Guatemala Moshe Bachar(who reminds me of convicted ex rapist Israeli President Moshe Katsav and PM Ehud Olmert  whose fraudulant 'air-water machine U.S.penny stock stock fraud with British Israeli Michael Zwebner I wrote about years ago),donates two twenty dollar toilets
to Guatemala along with his partner in crimes Israeli terrorist and murderer of Mayan people in the
1980's and recently sold SALT some of the most expensive salt in the world to 'clean' the polluted water of lake Amatitlan and also controls and issues Guatemalan passports for millions of dollars more that due to his numbering system no one can keep track of and can be used by terrists or other criminals he chooses to give them to ! As Shel Silverstein said so well,'FUCK EM!'

 1980's who sols SALT to 'clean' the poluuted

to Guatemala along with his assistant presently jailed in Guatemala

Just as over the hill wanna be belly dancer bitches Katrina Coravos and Gg Trimper steal Guatela and Tostaduria Antigua's cacao honey innovation and pervert it with cocoa powder and cocoa butter or imitation butter and call it theirs ! Stealing not only from me and my long term Guatemalan business
partner that we first made in 2005 by roasting caco beans in our coffee roaster and grinding them and adding honey and finding not a single bar or recipe for sale even with cocoa powder at that time on the world wide internet!Theiving cnniving bitches !

 Israeli Ambassador  Lic. Moshe Bachar's Donation To Guatemala In Thanks For All The $ He And Uri Roitman Have Stolen


El Licenciado Ury Roitman, en representación del Sr. Embajador de Israel, Lic. Moshe Bachar y de la Embajada de Israel en Guatemala, hizo entrega al señor Abraham Castro, Encargado y Presidente del Comite y de la Escuela de Pescadore... See More

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Heylin Ramírez de Villagrán
Heylin Ramírez de Villagrán Muchas gracias Israel, el Señor les recompense.

9/11,Guatemala,Dangerous Israeli Uri Roitman Issues ...

hace 2 días - 9/11,Guatemala,Uri Roitman:U.S.State Department,Embassy Allows ... Ury Roitman, en representación del Sr. Embajador de Israel, Lic. Moshe ..

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Makes the best chocolate ice-cream ever!!!!! Or, you could just drink it as Excellent HotChocolate. Or, you could make a Mayan Martini. UTZ! Cacao Junajpu ..

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Pour communiquer avec Cacao Junajpu, inscrivez-vous sur Facebook dès maintenant. .... We take pride in the fact that our Chocolate is a product that is not only good for ... Alex Trimper, Virgil Randolph Ramey, Maria Kuczerewicz et 3 autres ...

a Liberty Choc Trimper Guatemala,Katrina Coravos Israel,VT. 
   people         artists         in the newsshapeimage_4_link_0shapeimage_4_link_1shapeimage_4_link_2

I live in Guatemala, a country with 7 different micro-climates,37 volcanoes, beaches, mountains. rain forests, jungle, rural countryside and big cities. In Antigua I can go to the beach in the morning and be up in the mountains within the same day.
I am a photographer, a cacao maker and a Mayan Ajq’ij, a spiritual guide and day-keeper and I live among the Mayan people. The recipe for our cacao drink comes from the ancient side of their culture.
Gg, photographer and chocolate maker, Guatemala
If what you do for a living is an extension of your identity, who you really are, then perhaps it does. But in the world we live in today, this is difficult to achieve.
Being a photographer provides me with a certain amount of personal freedom so that I can practice what I believe. 
Making an organic, natural drink enriches my life and being a Mayan Priestess expands who I am. 
I also spend a lot of time planting vegetables, fruits and nut trees around the country as I like to see myself as a ‘sembradora’, one who seeds the soil.
Is your work part of what defines you as a person? If so, why?

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