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Note Katrina Coravos posted a comment to this blog and REMOVED IT long before I could read it.

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Yep Katrina 'Red Tent' Coravos who is probably associated or a relative of 'Gg' of Junapu Chocolate Antigua Guatemala which is how she came to scope us out and personally harrass me probably after Gg informed her I was not a fan of Rothschild-ean Ziionism or Israel Isra-hell FOR WHICH IT STANDS
actually brought an Australian or similar accented big male to harrass me while she was in the store and told me on the next visit that she didn't like anyone criticising Israel.Well before 911 and Israelis who pulled it off particularly ICTS International with its convicted in Israel money launderer Menachem Atzmon,deceased Ezra Harel and Shin Bet or Mossad execs bought Huntleigh Airport rent-a-cops through their Delaware incorporated ROTHSCHILD SPONSORED NASDAQ WORTHLESS SHARES AND THUS HAD THE CONTRACT OUT ON LOGAN THROUGH THEIR HUNTLEIGH SECURITY AND SECURITIES FRAUD JUST BEFORE 911.As much as I detest Israel's Saudi allies the fact is we have NO PROOF ANY ARABS SAUDIS OR OTHERWISE WERE AT THE AIRPORT ON THAT infamous morning that brought windfall proits to israeli american silverstein and israeli australian Frank Lowy WHEN THE WTC COLLAPSED ACCORDING TO U.S.ZIONIST CONTROLLED U.S. GOV 'OFFICIAL STORY' THE TWO LOGAN BOSTON AIRPORT FLIGHTS 11 AND 175 WERE HIT BY THE EVIL IRAQIS I MEAN SAUDIS - I REALLY MEAN ISRAELIS WHILE ISRAELIS WATCHING AND FILMING THE IMPACT IN NY DANCED IN THE STREETS..
Coincidentally of course.
And yes I was correct about ex Iranian-Israeli President Moshe Katsav and Olmert being involved with British Israeli scumbag Michael Zwebner running a penny stock money laundering op called UCSY or Air Water Corp  in 2005 - long before Katsav was convicted of rape and their offshore accounts became public knowledge.They should be in jail for both terrorism and financial frauds against Americans.

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

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