Wednesday, January 29, 2014

1 comment: Clara Isabel,Chocomuseo,Broma Process,Alain Schneider,Mitchell Bodian and my coming reply

1 comment: Clara Isabel,Chocomuseo,Broma Process,Mitchell Bodian  and my coming reply

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  1. Hello Tony,

    I'm Clara-Isabel Dias, one of the partners of ChocoMuseo (the one you mention as Alain's girlfriend). I came across your post and was caught by surprise.
    How could I ever imagine that a piece of information like the "Broma Process" could annoy a chocolate specialist in such a magnitude?!

    So to start with, please excuse us if our museum signs lead to a misunderstanding of the process and of our activity.

    What we meant was: "The broma process enables you (us) to get some cacao butter out of the cacao licor".

    We had no use for cacao butter at the time the signs were designed (we didn't add cacao butter to our chocolate nor sold cacao butter itself) and we thought it would just be fun for people to see butter actually drain from the cacao mass! That's the point of our museum: Enable the general public to understand what is behind chocolate (history, production process, botany...) in an attractive manner. And by the way, you are right too, ChocoMuseo is not a museum in the common sense of "a collection of artifacts". But as for knowledge spreading and popularization, I believe ChocoMuseo does pretty well.

    So we'll update our signs so that no one can think we mass produce cacao butter and powder with the broma process!

    Now I have to say that your post was outrageously aggressive and offending. I wish you had come to us to talk about your concern directly. We could have made tries together to see how far the broma process could go; we could have learnt stuff from you; instead you call us liars and TripAdvisor cheaters, and even link us to an epidemic in Central America - Please!!

    Finally, like you, we try to produce the purest chocolate, I mean without additives. We banned lecithin, vanillin, vegetal oils, well, we basically banned everything except 2 ingredients: cacao and sugar! Maybe you'd like to know that one of our long term projects is to replace regular sugar by unrefined whole cane sugar (panela)? My point is, I'm sorry to see you just attack us without seeing we could actually share stuff.


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