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wired chocolate san francisco

wired chocolate san francisco

Chocolate in Beta Testing, Offered by a Wired Founder - New York ... esta página
10/12/2007 - SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 9 -- In a vast refurbished warehouse on one of this city's historic pier, Louis Rossetto, the co-founder of Wired ...

TCHO: The chocolate scientists (Wired UK) - esta página
21/12/2009 - It's 4am, and in a silent warehouse on San Francisco's dockside a light goes on and a wall-mounted webcam casts its eye around a cluttered ...

Chocolate is the latest frontier for Louis Rossetto and Jane Metcalfe - a seemingly odd departure for the publishing pioneers who created what became known as the "Rolling Stone of technology."
More than two decades ago, the Berkeley pair founded Wired Ventures, a media company with a print magazine and online sites that covered the digital revolution at a time when most of their would-be readers still had tape decks. Their foresight and vision turned out to be a good bet - they sold the company for $390 million and divvied up the money among hundreds of employees, themselves included, and dozens of investors.
Now they're gambling on gourmet chocolate, believing that the Bay Area's zeitgeist is as much about artisan food as it is about technology. "We're still losing money," Metcalfe said of their eight-year investment, "but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel." She was sitting in the Pier 17 factory of Tcho Ventures one recent day, the smell of chocolate wafting through the building's retail store. Although Rossetto and Metcalfe just wanted to be financial backers when they signed on, they've since become experts and can discuss the art and science of making chocolate with the same passion they once had for digital logic circuits.

A niche market

In the beginning, Tcho seemed like it should've been a cinch. Unlike Wired, so ahead of its time that it was difficult to persuade venture capitalists to invest, chocolate has been around for 4,000 years. It's a $17 billion business in this country alone.

Wired founder starts chocolate company - Boing Boing esta página
10/12/2007 - My friend, Louis Rossetto, the founder of Wired, has started an organic chocolate manufacturing company in San Francisco with another friend ...

Louis Rossetto, from Wired to Chocolate - TCHO esta página
1/7/2013 - From founding the Wired revolution to leading the New American Chocolate Company that brought chocolate making back to San Francisco...

  1. FAQ - TCHO esta página
    ... it mean that TCHO is where “Silicon Valley start-up meets San Francisco food culture”? ... What is the difference between a Chocolatier vs Chocolate Maker?
  2. De la NASA a las Barras de Chocolate: TCHO - FayerWayer
    13/6/2013 - Un ingeniero de la NASA, los fundadores de Wired y fabricantes de cacao en Perú ... San Francisco es la cuna de la tecnología en occidente.
  3. TCHO: San Francisco's sustainable chocolate | MNN - Mother ... esta página
    22/7/2011 - San Francisco's only chocolate factory delivers local treats with a sustainable ... The co-founders of Wired Magazine created a chocolate ...

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