Thursday, April 4, 2013

Composition of the fat extracted from the seeds of theobroma bicolor


The fat fromTheobroma bicolor was analyzed for glyceride content by thin layer chromatography (TLC), and for fatty acid composition and triglyceride (carbon number) composition by gas liquid chromatography (GLC). The fat was then separated into glycerides of different degrees of unsaturation by means of silver nitrate TLC. Then, the bands were examined by GLC before and after conversion to methyl esters. From the results obtained, the distribution of the fatty acids on the individual glycerides was calculated. The fat consisted of 96.5% triglyceride with only 2.5% diglyceride and 1.7% free fatty acid. The major fatty acids present were 42.3% C18:0, 45,2% C18:1, and 6.0% C16:1. Most of the triglycerides were of carbon number 52 (18.0%) and 54 (77.6%). The major triglycerides were 38.6% 1-stearyl-2,3 diolein (SOO), 25.4% 2-oleyl-1,3 distearin (SOS) and 13.8% 1-palmito-2-oleyl-stearin (POS). Only 44.3% of the fat consisted of monounsaturated triglycerides.

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