Sunday, April 17, 2016

Mysterious kidney disease goes global

Story image for sugar cane kidney from Science Magazine

Mysterious kidney disease goes global

Science Magazine-Mar 31, 2016
Kesava Rao, 45, has chronic kidney disease of unknown etiology .... in 2008 to 2012 with the expansion of industrial-scale sugarcanefarms.

Friday, April 15, 2016

ganache filling truffles

ganache filling truffles

Recipe | Chocolate Truffles, Soft Ganache Filling

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Chocolate Truffles with White, Dark and Milk Chocolate Soft Ganache Filling. Each week in the Jordan kitchen, decadent homemade chocolate truffles are prepared for our overnight guests. With a few essential tools, tips and ingredients found in this recipe, you’ll find that making ...

How to Make Chocolate Ganache Truffles | Serious Eats

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Feb 7, 2011 - Chocolate ganache truffles are the perfect DIY Valentine's Day gift. ... come up with is cutting the truffle in half making a cavity, filling with peanut ...

How to Make Chocolate Truffles With Ganache Filling ...
Nov 5, 2012 - Uploaded by cookingguide
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Master Class: Classic Chocolate Truffles - Fine Cooking
The brittle shell split open with a satisfying crack, revealing a melty, smooth ganache filling. A wave of deep bittersweet chocolate washed over me, and in its ...

Chocolate Ganache Truffles | RecipeTin Eats

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Nov 23, 2014 - Classic chocolate truffle recipe (chocolate ganache truffle) using ordinary ... gift (Gingerbread Boxes and Mason Jars filledwith these truffles).

Chocolate Truffles recipe |

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 Rating: 4/4 - ‎39 reviews - ‎360 cal
Truffles are quite simple to make, and the process will be more fun if you have a ... Make a ganache by pouring about half of the hot cream over the chocolate and .... Now I have to figure out what to do with this maybe use as a filling in a cake.

Top Ten Most Popular Chocolate Truffle Recipes - How To ...

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The top ten most requested chocolate truffles recipes all in one post ... Roll your cold ganache into balls then drop into the tempered dipping chocolate. ... (makes 300ml of filling, each truffle will use approx 5ml depending on the size of your ...

Ganache 101 | Martha Stewart

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Make ganache in three easy steps. Despite its French name, ganacheis nothing elaborate -- chopped chocolate melted in heated heavy cream, with just a bit of ...

Heston Blumenthal's chocolate truffles recipe : SBS Food

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"At the heart of a good chocolate truffle is the ganache," says Heston Blumenthal. "It sounds poncy but really it's just 50:50 cream and chocolate and it's really ...

Making Chocolate Truffles - How To Make Your Own ... › Christmas Desserts
You just need a few basic ingredients to make gourmet chocolate truffles, and ... the most important part of a truffle: the ganache, which is the center, the filling.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tostaduria Antigua's Guatemala Origen Cacao Beans - from the Olmec-Mayan cultural region where, cacao spread from to the rest of the world although most all cacao cultivated today in other regions is NOT that of the Maya but an Amazon variety that had no previous history of cultivation or use in South America. 
Guatemala Cacao Beans   May be eaten like a nut and lower blood pressure immmediately and improve blood circulation among many other benefits.May be broken up and used in salad for crunch with you devising salad dressing to compliment flavor of cacao beans.Also may be ground with simple coffee blade grinder to make 'whole bean' cacao powder.
OUR CACAO-HONEY BARS OR SQUARES for eating can also be melted in milk for a chocolate honey drink or in blender for colds drink,etc.Also can be used by 'chocolatiers' to make honey-cacao based truffles,bon bons,etc.that are also themselves filled with honey based ingredients you devise..Or buy our Guatemala cacao bakers chocolate,melt with honey of equal approximate weight and form your own from your honey cacao 'chocolateirs' chocolate base.
100% Cacao 'Bakers Chocolate' -No Sugar ONLY Bitter Cacao Ground From Native Guatemala Origen cacao beans.Our half pound bag of lightly roasted cacao 'bakers chocolate' can be melted with ingredients,(flour,etc.) for brownies etc.or melted with half pound of honey to make 1 pound of cacao honey
for basic bars or for adding spices or your own honey based fillings. .Can also be used in blender to make liquados and smoothies or shakes.......
Both the finely ground  100% Cacao 'Bakers Chocolate' or the less finely ground powder can be melted or can be mixed into warm honey to make unbelieveably good pancake,waffle, french toast, etc., syrup Cinnamon powder,etc.,may be added  to your syrup mix if you like.You don't need butter because natural cacao has ALL its excellent cacao butter comparable to the best olive oil nutritionally.
The less finely ground 'whole bean cacao powder' can also be used in similar ways including in chocolate cookies in lieu of more processed choco chips.Really good mixed with yogurt and honey for quick simple snack or mixed on or in vanilla ice cream.The powder can be sprinkled on top or mixed into ice cream or more finely ground 'bakers chocolate' grated on top. The whole bean powder can be sprinkled on top or or stirred into a cafe con leche(coffee with milk).You won't believe how good it tastes.
Both beans AND ground cacao have amazingly long shelf life.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

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