Wednesday, October 19, 2016

From Tostaduria Antigua Coffee & Cacao Roasters,2da Avenida Sur #34

If you or anyone you might know with a talent for marketing or an interest making cacao honey bars and even teaching classes in cacao honey would be interested in having up to 50% in the Tostaduria Antigua with my Guatemalan partner and perhaps even promoting the hostel in part as a place one can learn about making cacao honey bars,truffles and fillings from honey fruit to honey nut butters which I've pretty much worked on for the last so many years but never developed because we were doing more steady business with our long running coffee roasting business and besides I don't like the chocolatier hands on side but mainly like the roasting and grinding and simple mixing with honey and spooning out to harden on a transparent sheet that serves as a mold .No need to even touch the chocolate.
 But I am quite experimental and even make a  honey sweetened 'dulce de leche' which is good by itself that can be spread on top of a bar or even melted with ground cacao to make a real milk chocolate. Another thing you should try is our cacao honey mixed with Ron Botran or Zacapa either as a truffle or diluted with so much the rum that you virtually have a drinkable truffle !The makers of Nutella in Italy or at least one of their employees contacted me to enquire about a plant called pataxte, mentioned in Maya Popol Vuh, after I posted my writing about as a 'real white chocolate' that can be a solid milk substitute with its own butter like its relative cacao.
Although it may be hard  to believe, we appear to be the first in the world to have made 'whole bean cacao honey bars' that don't require cocoa butter or powder as conventional sugar chocolate bars do whether they be a Hershey's bar or the best Belgian chocolate.So we are indeed in a league of our own whereas Chocomuseo,Fernandos,Ixcacao,Chocola,Chocolarte,etc, that have come along since 2006 when only a  chocolatier    named Ismael had a conventional but high quality chocolate specialties shop named Chocotenengo,(now in Washington,D.C.?) and used to send us costumers if they wanted cacao beans or something different.As far as I can tell we can probably make our cacao honey using only best  ingredients(,i.e.- Guatemalan cacao beans and honey),cheaper than imported cocoa powder and cocoa butter bars are made but in terms of quality our whole bean cacao honey is in a class by itself and imported cocoa powder cocoa butter and sugar bars that everyone one else in Antigua and world use is mediocre and plastic.
We were the first to roast coffee in a shop in Antigua in 1993 and in fact during all my time in the SF Bay Area around I never had seen anybody roasting in public as it was all done some place else then brought to shops to be sold.Now everyone and their mother in Antigua has copied us but incorrectly of course with super small vey high temperature roasting that's not good for coffee and particularly for cacao roasting.In fact we seem to have been world pioneers and innovators in  roasting both cacao and coffee in one business as well as being inventors of whole bean cacao honey. You are invited to see my partner grind and make bars within a few minutes and see the honey added. Truffles and other innovations could be made inside hostel or at home.
Sincerely,Tony Ryals ,telephone  5556-8804

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