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Anne Paddock,Apotheker's Chocolate Ripoff Of Guatemala And Tostaduria Antigua Invention

Anne Paddock,Apotherker's Chocolate Ripoff Of Guatemala And Tostaduria Antigua Invention

William Paddock,Ana Paddock,Anna Livingston Paddock,

After having noticed a cluster of  'chocolate honey'  businesses spring up overnight in the North East Coast of the U.S.,and particulary theBoston area recently,the occurance is, like that of a cancer cluster, in which too many people get cancer in an area to be statistically normal demonstrates, something indeed strange is going on.How can NO ONE made a cacao honey bar or had a business making them for 5 or more centuries since the Spanish Conquest and theft of Meso American cacao .......
I had just written about this on my blog when I noticed yet another one - the Apotherkers,husband and wife!

In the 1970's I entered a Mother Eath magazine 'food self sufficiency' and sent them a 100 page plus thesis that I titled,' State Of The Art Of Technology For New Agricultural Communities'.This emphasized or in retrospect probably over-emphasized the use of floating aquatic plants,(duckweed,azolla,etc.).But then again I was very concerned with how to turn a million city population's sewage waste into plant biomass and thn use it for food or feed or fertilizer or energy.I also revued work with trees because corn for instance is a very erosion intensiive crop to grow.I was upset to find that the 'winner' was mainly operating a pig for meat farm
and obviously this was simply not for everybody and would not address the coming collapse of cities that as I said at the beginning of my thesis threatened to collapse everybody's boat.I had a one letter each correspondence with Mr.Paddock and later visited a Dr.Howard Odum in Gainesville,Florida whose book at the time 'Energy Basis For Man And Nature' which included his unique symbols for modeling enery flows in both biological and non biological systems - from modeling energy electricity plants to agriculture.However I was amazed considering he was living the the very state that was strip mining phosphate fertilizer with its various environmental contaminants and impacts was not even up to date with Justus Von Liebig 's 'Law of the minimum ' that clearly stated agricultural photosynthesis dependended up a constant souce of 'N,P,K THAT WE WERE SUBSIDIZING AND TEMPORARILY AVOIDING COLLPSE AS OUR POPULATION BOOMED ONLY BY MINING FLORIDA PHOSPHATES AND CANADIAN POTASSIUM AND REPLACING OLD EUROPE SAOIL ROTATION AND RESTING BY THESE VERY UNSTABLE MINING OPERATIONS OF A DEPLETABLE RESOURCE.
I had better luck explaining this when I returned to Berkely with a stencil of DSr.Odum's energy symbols, particularly to the reknowned soil scientist Dr.Hans Jenny who wrote me a short note thanking me for showing him my critique and change of Odum's model to show clearly that thelinear  flow of fertilzer from Florida to the U.S.soil and then to animal feedlots and direct human consumption detemined the flow or fixation of solar energy and CO2 and thus the flow and depletion of fertilizing atoms was essential to the
flow of solar radiation that would not be captured by solar energy through photosynthesis if the soil was depleted.Really I was just modeling the flow of atoms like Florida phosphates creating 'two nutrient pools' - i.e.- the soil and the air and emphasizing depletion of phosphate and other nutrients from the soil effected the flow or fixation of CO2 and N2 from the air.
Ony much later around 1980 when Pope John Paul claimed that birth control wasunneccessary because 'modern agriculture' would save us,did I write the Pope's Misconceptions About Conception And Science History' and had no place to publish it until 1987 when the Pope visited the Bay Area and although the SF Chronicle or Examiner refused to publish it,'TheBerkeley Daily Caifornian of the students of Berkely did.This essay emphasized that the Church taught Aristotle's Four Elements(five really incuding planets and stars that were considered the fifth element moving around the earth which was the center of the universe,which of course is what Galileo offically got in trouble for and even if their was a Jesuit complaint complaint about  his believing in atoms,the fact is this one only proven much later,particularly by chemists such as Liebig.
So now Paddock is deceased abnd I am being attacked for some reason I have been targeted for a ripoff by Paddock's spoiled female siblings or whatever the relation is.
What is obvious is the fact that Anne Paddock and her could not have missed the fact that I have been making cacao honey bars since 2005.One proof is the fact that she was promoting an old candle making business on Sixth Calle or Sixth Street in Antigua that is just across the street from us and The Revue that has promoted the younger Ana Livingston Paddock's 'art work' or photography which is where I took out an ad for several years announcing our honey cacao invention !So why has she not mentioned this on her blog rather than promoting her friends in Massachussets chocolate business ? How did they happen to 'think' about doing what no one but my Guatemalan partner and I pioneered !?
In case you don't know dear reader a woman who I now believe to be 'banker' Anne Paddock has come in to the old store and basically attacked me verbaly for reasons I never undestood and the two younger women,one of whom I believe was Ana Livingston Paddock  who accompanied the witch who I believe to be Anne Paddock returned at least twice just to do the same as the witch Ana Paddock.And now they are aiding and abetting a scheme to steal our caco honey invention.Why?Surely a government connected 'Repulican' agronomist like William Paddock who probably created a hybrid to resale to poor 'campesino' or Mayan farmers in Guatemala have no reason other than an unexplained hatred to harrass and try to rob us so!Paradoxically the deceased William Paddock should have had to pay the Maya who pertain to the larger indigenous culture that created corn in the first place!So I guess what Anne Paddock and her buddies the Apotherker's want to do to me is approximately what William Paddock did to Mayan farmers whose centuries of genetic selection he like a parasite made a small fortune from!

to be continued

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    This would all be funny if it weren't so tragic, to be attacked by  deceased 'Republican' agronomist William Paddock's female relative or relatives who have right wing Washington,D.C. connections and banking connections in the case of blooger Annawhich generally means they are VERY 'liberal' about their  and their colleagues lack of ethics and financial frauds.

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  3. And the mother dearest or whatever her familial conection is to(ha) 'artist'Ana Livingston Paddock is or was a banker for at least ten years before 'retitring' presumably with now doubt a good bit of money based upon all the losses Americans have suffered at their hands in recent years particularly as stock and banking financial scams have become digitalized and money in stock and other finaNcial scams cN BE

    who have actually if I am correct came right into the Tostaduria Antigua when we were on 6th Calle which rented for almost fifteen years.It


    First an older woman from New Jersey(Paddock's have New Jersey connections as well as Panza Verde connections where they or the daughter has had exhibits and the NJ WOMAN ALSO WAS IN ANDAROUND THERE I BELIEVE)art exhibits   who styled herself an artist came in 2 or 3 years ago and bought a Pataxte fruit pod from me that she said she needed for her 'art'(ha) then she came in again and wanted me to buy it back which I did.Then she actually began to harrass my Japanese clients and trying to get them not to buy ouyr coffee.As the coffee roating business which used to be a hobby before I was ripped off in the stock market on 'penny stocks' that the SEC ALLOWS TO GO ON AND EVEN ALLOWS BANKERS TO RUN PENNY STOCKS AS DEMONSTRATED BY A

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    5. On the personal side, my name is Anne Paddock and I grew up in Missouri and New Jersey. After graduating from college, I worked for 5 years, realized I didn’t know too much so I took the GMAT, quit work and went back to school, earning my MBA from Duke University. I went into banking and stayed in that field for 12 years. During that time, I also married a great guy – carnivore man – (who never ceases to make me laugh) and had a daughter – vegan daughter – who is the best gift he ever gave me. I spent most of the past decade in Europe with my family – primarily in Spain and Switzerland although we traveled at every opportunity – and recently returned to live permanently in the US.
    6. .....
    8. Ana Livingston Paddock, analivingsto Mata Ortiz, Chihuahua, Mexico
      Ana Livingston Paddock grew up in La Antigua, Guatemala and Zamorano in rural Honduras and later was educated in the USA and Sweden where she studied ceramic design at Konstfack. She has a Masters in Art and Education from Stanford University and currently divides her time between Guatemala and Mata Ortiz in Chihuahua, Mexico. Paddock is currently working on a seriese of photography and oral history account of her neighbors in Mata Ortiz.

      2 de jul. de 2014 - Subido por DJ Neyser Madrid
      DOMINGO 6 de julio Chocolate se traslada a la sala PaddockPaseo de recoletos 14 - MADRID Metros .

    Revue Guatemala Says:

    Ana Livingston Paddock was raised in the Highlands of Guatemala, educated in art in the U.S. and Sweden. She has exhibited her past work in the U.S. and in Europe. After an absence of several years from Guatemala, Livingston Paddock has returned to La Antigua, where she now lives and pursues her various art projects.

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