Sunday, December 9, 2012

Coffee Berries preserved in honey,better than Asia's 'Dragon Eye' Fruit or Cherries ?

Coffee Berries preserved in honey,better than Asia's  'Eye of the Dragon' Fruit or Cherries ?

I t has been several several years now,sometime after the U.S.stock crash scam of 2008 I believe, since I discovered how to preserve coffee berries or 'cherries',(cerezas de cafe),,as they are called in Spanish,by cooking them in honey over low temperature in a big pot on the stove for several hours.It was because I was discussing our cocao honey chocolate with a doctor from Texas and the anti-oxydants and medicinal benefits discovered about cacao beans in recent years and the medical investigations of the Kuna Indians of Panama who are perhaps the biggest consumers of hot chocolate in the world that led the doctor to informe me that coffee berries,i.e.-the little red fruit around coffee beans,(generally their are two coffee beans in each berry or sometimes only one,called a 'peaberry' in english or caracol' in spanish,or occasionaly 3),had recently become known for their anti-oxydent content and were being used in both in cosmetic or skin car products as well as in beverages .So because we had pioneered the use of bee honey to sweeten and make cacao or natural chocolate bars,I thought I'd give preserving Antigua Guatemala coffee berries in honey a shot.And it works and although I believe a sugar syrup would also work to make a candy I still have my bias towards honey preservation.

                                                  Dragon Eye Fruit


Dragon Eye Fruit

Longan, Dragon Eye Fruit, (Trái Nha~n) - Dimocarpus longana
Very nice fruit tree with double bright green leaves and beautiful beige fruits in upright clusters.
Euphoria Fruit (Euphoria longan) is a small, round, undistinguished-looking fruit. The brittle light brown skin encloses delicious translucent, juicy soft flesh around a single large, black inedible pit. The Chinese name for this fruit is long yan rou, which literally means “dragon eye flesh”. In the grocery markets, Euphoria fruits are simply known as longans. Longan is consumed throughout Asia and is a major crop in Thailand.

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